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Biden Causes Mixed Feelings With Puerto Rican Address

Biden Causes Mixed Feelings With Puerto Rican Address

( – Hurricane Fiona slammed into Puerto Rico in September, causing an incredible amount of damage. Nearly the entire island was without electricity in the immediate aftermath of the storm. President Joe Biden traveled to the island recently and gave a controversial speech.

On October 3, the president spoke to a crowd on the devastated island, promising the US government was going to help. In an attempt to connect to the audience, Biden told them he “was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community” in Delaware. The remark left some people shaking their heads because there were reportedly only roughly 2,000 people who were descendants of the tiny nation living in his hometown when he launched his career decades ago.

Political pundits immediately pointed out all of the other times the president has said seemingly random things to relate to a crowd. The Washington Post ran an article entitled “Biden is actually Greek. And Jewish. And raised by Puerto Ricans.” posted a clip of Biden telling black people he was “raised in the black church.”

Aside from the controversial comment, the president promised to give the island $60 million to help create a new flood warning system as well as shoring up the levees and floodwalls.

Additionally, the US territory will receive $700 million to repair its crumbling infrastructure.

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