Biden Casts Early Vote – Here’s Why That Matters

Biden Casts Early Vote in Delaware - Presents ID to Poll Worker

Biden Casts Early Vote in Delaware – Presents ID to Poll Worker

( – The midterm elections are a week away and America has headed to the polls. President Joe Biden recently decided to take advantage of early voting in his home state of Delaware.

On Saturday, October 29, Biden voted in person at a precinct in his area. His granddaughter Natalie Biden, the daughter of late DE Attorney General Beau Biden, accompanied the POTUS to the polls; it was reportedly her first time casting a ballot. While at the precinct, the president and Natalie followed state law and presented their government-issued photo IDs to the poll worker in order to receive their ballots.

Delaware law requires all voters to present their IDs in order to vote in any federal election. Had the president or his granddaughter refused to show their IDs, they would not have been allowed to vote.

Democrats, including Biden, have protested voter ID laws for years. The Left claims the rule is unconstitutional because it creates a barrier that prices some low-income, disabled, and voters of color out of the process simply because they cannot afford to purchase an ID or they aren’t able to get to the government office to get one. In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled voter ID is legal, but that hasn’t stopped the Democratic Party from trying to pass laws to prohibit the laws.

Republicans argue the laws make voting more secure. What do you think?

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