Biden Considering Another Nuclear Deal With Iran, GOP Warn Against It

Biden Considering Another Nuclear Deal With Iran, GOP Warn Against It

( – Since its inception, the Iran nuclear deal has been a point of contention between Democrats and Republicans. Former President Barack Obama entered into the ill-fated treaty in 2015 and his predecessor, Donald Trump, withdrew from it three years later, calling it an “embarrassment” to him as a US citizen. Now that President Joe Biden is in office, the White House has renewed its struggle to enter into a new deal with the rogue nation, despite numerous warnings from Republicans.

On Wednesday, February 16, a group of nearly 200 House Republicans led by Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher sent a letter to President Biden warning him not to enter into a nuclear deal with Iran. The sternly worded letter advised an agreement would ultimately “meet the same fate” as Obama’s 2015 agreement if he attempted to bypass Congressional approval.

The letter also provided the Republican’s “guarantee” if Biden were to ignore their warning, they would:

  1. Oppose any agreement easing economic sanctions on Iran;
  2. View any agreement entered into without Senate approval as “non-binding;”
  3. Warn their “colleagues, the American public, and the private sector” about the “dangers and flaws” associated with a nuclear agreement with Iran;
  4. “Work tirelessly to reimpose” any sanction lifted or weakened by a deal with Iran;
  5. Oppose any move to remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s designation as a “foreign terrorist organization;”
  6. Work to enact sanctions disrupting the supply chain of weapons to Iran and targeting its uranium enrichment program;
  7. Investigate any connection between Russia’s role in Iranian negotiations and the mounting crisis in Ukraine.

Do you think it’s wise for Biden to attempt to renew efforts to negotiate with Iran while Russia and China continue to strengthen their bond?

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