Biden Couldn’t Wait To Politicize Ginsburg’s Death

( – Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden couldn’t wait 24 hours before tossing Ruth Bader Ginsburg aside as a person and using her as a political tool. On top of that, he managed to put his hypocrisy center-stage at the same time. Oh, and if you’re keeping score — President Trump’s response added to Biden’s self-inflicted injury.

With her family at her side, the iconic justice quietly passed away Friday after battling various ailments in the last few years. Although Biden did post a brief statement on Twitter complimenting her “pursuit” of “equal justice,” he couldn’t wait to politicize things. (Actually, he did wait, precisely 5 minutes to be exact from the time of his first tweet to the one you see below.)



Aside from weaponizing Ginsburg’s death, there’s Biden’s overwhelming hypocrisy to consider as well. The New York Times published a Biden op-ed a few weeks after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in 2016.

For about 1000 words, Biden insisted the Senate had a “constitutional obligation” to vote on Obama’s replacement nominee for Scalia. Now, it seems he wants to deny President Trump the “constitutional duty” of naming Ginsburg’s successor.

On the flip-side, President Trump posted an incredible tweet honoring Ginsberg, holding off until the following day before posting about naming a replacement. Too bad Biden seems unwilling or unable to follow Trump’s lead.

America needs a president who can lead, not one mired in a marsh of partisanship coupled with mind-numbing contradiction.

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