Biden Expected to Meet With Pope Francis

Biden Expected to Meet With Pope Francis

( – In November, US Catholic bishops will meet to decide if they should require all priests to deny Holy Communion to pro-choice politicians. The meeting will take place three weeks after President Joe Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic church.

Pope Francis and the US president will meet on October 29 in the Vatican. The meeting holds significance because Biden is only the second Catholic president in the country’s history; the late President John F Kennedy was the first. Also, as mentioned, it comes amid increasing tensions within the church.

Conservative Catholic bishops believe Biden’s pro-choice stance should be enough to ban him from receiving Communion. Abortion goes against the fundamental belief of Catholicism that life is sacred. The commandment “Thou shalt not murder” is taken very seriously by the church, and it firmly believes life begins at conception. While the bishops decide whether to deny Communion to politicians, the same politicians are demanding the courts protect the availability of abortion.

The Pope, who believes abortion is murder, doesn’t agree with the American bishops’ stance. He believes it isn’t the church’s right to condemn individuals but rather to accept everyone. Meeting with a polarizing politician like Biden could increase tensions between the Holy See and US Bishops.

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