Biden Experiences Heckling During Speech in Black Church

( – Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, was the location of a racist mass shooting in 2015. Dylann Roof murdered nine church members at a prayer circle after he was invited to pray with them. President Joe Biden, who was vice president when the shooting took place, recently spoke at the church, and his speech was interrupted by anti-Israel activists.

On January 8, Biden gave a campaign speech at Mother Emanuel. During his remarks, three protesters stood up in the crowd and started shouting “ceasefire now!” The activists were referring to the ongoing war in Gaza. Israel has killed more than 23,000 Palestinians, including thousands of kids, while it tries to eradicate Hamas. The war started after the terrorist organization murdered more than 1,300 Israelis. Biden has taken a lot of heat from the far left for supporting Israel.

The people who interrupted the president’s speech were led out of the church. The congregation and others who attended the speech began chanting “four more years” to show Biden their support.

Biden responded to the protesters by saying he understood why they were so passionate and claimed that his administration is working with Israel behind the scenes to end the conflict. The rest of Biden’s speech went off without any interruptions.

The day after Biden spoke at the church, Secretary of State Antony Blinken reportedly urged the Israeli government to make difficult choices and try to normalize relations with its neighbors in the Middle East. The Biden Administration believes that’s the best way to create a path for a two-state solution.

A State Department spokesperson said that Blinken told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that it was important that his military avoid harming more civilians and protect Gaza’s civilian infrastructure. He also supported the mission to eradicate Hamas, the terrorist group that has repeatedly attacked Israel without any provocation.

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