Biden Facing Lawsuit for Inhumane Treatment

Biden Facing Lawsuit for Inhumane Treatment

( – Leftists and mainstream media members criticized former President Donald Trump’s border security measures and immigration policies his entire time in office. They went as far as circulating photographs of migrants housed under inhumane conditions to make their point. However, as it turned out, photographers snapped the images during the Obama/Biden administration.

Once he assumed office, President Joe Biden quickly reversed Trump’s policies and forced the country back into the past. Predictably, all the problems of the Obama years returned as well, apparently including the abuse of migrants.

On Monday, August 9, lawyers representing the Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law and the National Center for Youth Law petitioned the US District Court for the Central District of California’s Western Division. This was to order the release of migrant children held in two unlicensed Texas detention facilities dubbed “emergency intake sites” (EIS) by the Biden administration.

Court documents filed by the plaintiffs allege that migrant children detained in those EIS sites reported substandard living conditions, inadequate health services and prolonged stays. Some also reportedly suffer from acute mental distress.

The petition cited a July complaint lodged against the facilities by the Government Accountability Project. It noted that “filth was commonplace” in the facilities, food was found on the floor, and there were unsanitary “wet spots” all over the place.

The plaintiffs are asking the court to order the Biden administration to speed up the release of children from the facilities. They also asked the court to direct the US Department of Health and Human Services to adopt higher standards of care at the EIS units and limit the placement of children at these facilities.

The court hasn’t yet set a date for a decision on the petition.

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