Biden Fires Staffers for Same Thing Harris Has Done in the Past

( – In 2019, then-Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) bragged about smoking weed in the past during an interview with the Breakfast Club. 


You might think that President Joe Biden would be okay with other staffers talking about it then, but apparently not. 

According to a March 18 report by the Left-leaning Daily Beast, dozens of young staffers in the White House have been forced to resign, suspended or sent home to work remotely based on past marijuana use. The staffers say they’d been previously unofficially told their previous cannabis use would not be held against them. Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded in a tweet claiming “only five” people were fired as a result of drug use. She didn’t discuss suspensions or other retaliatory action.


The absolute, utter hypocrisy is astounding. It’s clear the administration treats people differently based on who they are. If the president thinks people should be pushed out or otherwise punished based on their past use of weed, shouldn’t he start with Harris?

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