Biden Gets Accused After Major Flub

( – President Joe Biden is known for his stutter. He has talked about his struggles with it in great detail. Recently, he got the figures wrong when discussing his infrastructure bill and stuttered when he tried to correct himself. The White House is now being accused of altering the transcript of his speech — and it wouldn’t be the first time.

On December 8, Biden gave a speech at the Carpenter International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was there to spread awareness about his administration’s investments in infrastructure. The 2021 legislation has allowed his administration to invest $8 billion in railroad projects, including $3 billion for a high-speed rail line that will connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The president took a swipe at former President Donald Trump who held multiple Infrastructure Weeks but was never able to get an actual bill passed. He claimed that on his watch, “America is having Infrastructure Decade,” not Infrastructure Week. That’s when Biden made the flub.

“Over a billion three hundred million trillion three hundred million dollars,” Biden said.

The official White House transcript corrected the transcript to say, “Over 1,300,000,000 — $1,000,300,000,000.” The change cleans up the president’s remark, making it more coherent.

The president also repeated the debunked story he has told about Amtrak. As a senator, he traveled from Washington, DC, and his home in Delaware frequently. He claimed that he was on the train once when he was vice president and a member of the crew, Angelo Negri, brought up Biden reaching the million-mile mark on Air Force Two. The Amtrak employee allegedly said the current POTUS had traveled 1,000,327 miles on the train.

In order for that story to be true, Negri would have had to rise from the dead because Biden didn’t hit the 1 million mile mark on Air Force Two until 2015. Negri died in 2014.

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