Biden Gets Some Of The Worst News Of His Presidency

Democrats Don’t Want Biden 2024 — Will He Respond?

( – President Joe Biden is incredibly unpopular. His decision to take to the airwaves earlier this month during primetime to label millions of people “MAGA Republicans” and extremists has backfired. A majority of independents — a swing voting group — joined with Republicans in finding the speech divisive. Polling now suggests the tactic was so poorly received that even Democrats want someone else on the ballot in 2024.

On September 25, ABC News in conjunction with the Washington Post published a poll that clearly shows a strong desire to replace Biden on the ticket next time around. Just 35% of Democrats and Left-leaning independents believe he should run again. By contrast, 56% of the same demographic, a clear majority, want the party to make another choice.

Biden isn’t just bogged down by his poor choice of primetime speech topics. The economy shows warning signs of a possible recession, inflation is still out of control, and an overall job approval rating under 40% heading into the first week of October all weigh heavily on his chances of effectively leading his party into the future.

On the flip side, Republicans and Right-leaners are far less keen on former President Donald Trump, with the split on him running again holding steady at 47-46%, about 20 points below his bid in 2020. Should the 2024 election come down to a rematch of the last election, it might prove to be a really close call.

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