Biden Gives Harris More Responsibilities at Border

( – When Joe Biden took office in January, the border was relatively safe. Former President Donald Trump implemented policies that led to illegal border crossings dropping. He wanted to keep people from entering the US from other countries to control the spread of COVID-19 and he largely accomplished that. Then Biden came along.

Biden signed a number of executive orders when he took office that undid many of Trump’s policies. He made it easier for illegal aliens to get into the country and it seems they took that as an invitation to come to America. In February, more than 100,000 immigrants crossed into the US. Now, the new president has decided to put his second in command in charge of cleaning up his mess.

Addressing the Crisis

On Wednesday, March 24, Biden announced Vice President Kamala Harris was going to be in charge of fixing the border crisis. The vice president is going to work with officials in Central America and Mexico to figure out strategies to reduce the flow of immigrants to America.

Harris said that the work to get the border under control won’t “be easy,” but she thinks it’s “important work.”

A Nod to the Obama Administration

Putting Harris in charge of the border is similar to what former President Barack Obama did when he put Biden in charge of the same problem during his administration. Both Biden and Obama support policies that lead to an increase in immigration to the US. The 44th president’s policies also resulted in a surge of unaccompanied minors, and the Biden administration is following that same path.

One might think that Biden would have learned from the mistakes of the Obama administration, but one look at the border proves that isn’t the case. Hopefully, for America’s sake, Harris does a better job of getting it under control than Biden did. An influx of immigrants isn’t good at any time, but during a pandemic it could be deadly.

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