Biden Gives In To Russia With START Treaty

( – For four years the Democratic Party accused then-President Donald Trump of being soft on Russia. They claimed he was in bed with Vladimir Putin because they believed the former KGB spy helped him get elected. Not only was that theory and all of the others debunked, but Trump was very hard on Russia.

President Joe Biden was one of the voices on the Left that lobbed accusations at Trump. During the 2020 campaign, the Democrat even went as far as to accuse him of ignoring allegations that Russia had bounties on American troops — a narrative disputed by the military.

Now that Biden is the commander-in-chief he isn’t being as tough on Russia as he pretended he would be on the campaign trail; and a GOP senator is calling him out for it.

New START Treaty

On Thursday, January 21, NBC News reported it had obtained an internal State Department memo that said the Biden administration was going to propose a nuclear arms agreement, the New START Treaty, to be extended for five years. Russian officials are reportedly thrilled with the idea. Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said his country “without a doubt supports preservation and extension” of the treaty.

“A Gift to Vladimir Putin”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) was not pleased with the decision to extend the treaty for five years. He hit the Democratic Party for its never-ending hypocrisy. The lawmaker pointed out that the Left attacked Trump for years over Russia, but “within 24 hours of assuming office” Biden announced he is giving away the most “valuable leverage” the US has.

Cotton said after all of the “chest-thumping” of the last few years, the Democrats have “immediately reverted to their old, weak, dovish ways.” Now, the country has to brace itself for the other terrible foreign policies Biden plans to implement, and hope he doesn’t hurt the country in the process. Right now, things aren’t looking great.

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