Biden Issues Threat to Putin

Biden Issues Threat to Putin

( – On December 7, President Joe Biden held a video call with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss various issues and reportedly to de-escalate tension between Washington and Moscow. However, White House reports and statements indicate that Biden threatened Putin regarding Russian aggression directed towards Ukraine.

President Biden discussed the call with several European leaders the day before to talk about their shared interests regarding the Russian military buildup along the Ukrainian border. A White House readout of the December 7 call confirmed that Biden raised those concerns with Putin.

The statement also noted that the president warned Putin that the US and its European allies would respond with strong economic sanctions and other measures if Russia escalated its military action in the region.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan discussed the call during a subsequent White House briefing, elaborating on Biden’s remarks to Putin. Sullivan characterized the dialogue as straightforward and confirmed that Biden told the Russian leader that Moscow would face strong economic measures if it moved to invade Ukraine.

According to Sullivan, President Biden also told Putin that the US would send additional defense materials to Ukraine above the support the US is currently providing. Biden also warned that the US would fortify allies on Europe’s eastern flank if Russia were to continue its military advance on Ukraine.

They each tasked their respective teams to follow up on the talks. Biden indicated the US would do so in close coordination with its European allies and partners.

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