Biden Lost Independent & Hispanic Supporters, Polls Show

Biden Lost Independent & Hispanic Supporters, Polls Show

( – When the President of the United States takes office, it’s common for poll numbers to drop throughout the first year in office. That’s because the honeymoon period wears off as the new leader addresses issues facing the country. President Joe Biden’s election numbers showed he won the favor of Independent and Hispanic voters who contributed to his White House win. But recent polls show a sharper decline in support from those two voting sectors than in any other groups surveyed.

Since they helped Biden win the presidency, the news might mean bad times ahead for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

A Look at the Numbers

A peek at Hispanic support in May shows the majority of the group was happy with Biden’s performance. But in early October, that changed when his approval numbers plummeted 17 points, with more voters now disapproving of his actions as president. In late September, a poll from The Economist and YouGov showed only 21% of Hispanics approved of the way Biden was handling the immigration crisis. So, it makes sense his numbers are dropping in that sector as the unresolved issues continue.

Independent voters are also unsatisfied with the president’s handling of the economy, contributing to a drop in their support. But the biggest issue among this sector of voters is how Biden is dealing with the pandemic that still has a tight grip on many aspects of American life. In June, surveys among Independents showed his approval ratings at 60%, but FiveThirtyEight has recent approval numbers under 42% for coronavirus response measures. Overall, approval numbers among Independents dropped to a mere 35% from 50% in late spring.

While it appears that the Hispanic and Independent votes are the leading causes of Biden’s drop in numbers, that’s not entirely true. According to recent surveys, both Republicans and Democrats are also unhappy with how the president is running the country.

A majority of the left still supports the president, but his approval rating fell by about 10% in October. And the few on the right who previously approved of how Biden was doing as the POTUS changed their minds as October polls show only 17.9% still stand behind his performance.

What This All Means

While we won’t know for sure how the presidential election will shape up by 2024, the mid-term elections in 2022 are right around the corner. If Biden doesn’t do something to win back the favor of those who were instrumental in placing him in office, it could mean voters will show their displeasure at the voting booth by giving Republicans a victory in the House or Senate or perhaps even both chambers.

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