Biden Makes Fun of Trump for Statement After Raid

Biden Stoops To New Lows — Attacks Trump Like Never Before

( – In early August, the FBI searched former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida. Agents carted away boxes of classified and some top secret documents. The 45th POTUS defended his decision to take the documents home with him, and that led to a recent attack by President Joe Biden.

On Friday, August 26, a White House reporter asked Biden about Trump saying he declassified all of the classified documents the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago. The president smiled and responded that he has “declassified everything in the world” because he is “president” and he “can do it all.” He then told reporters he wasn’t going to comment on the investigation (after clearly commenting).

Reporters also asked Biden if he thinks it’s ever okay for a president to take classified documents home with him. He responded it depends on the circumstances. For instance, he receives classified briefings when he’s at home. A member of the military is with him when he reads it, and then he hands the document back over when he’s done.

The former president has sued the DOJ and asked the court to appoint a special master to look through the documents found at his home. He is concerned some of the classified material might be covered under executive privilege. A decision in the case is expected soon.

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