Biden Makes Surprise Nighttime Visit to Hunter’s Ex Days Before Her Testimony

( – Hunter Biden’s trial for federal gun charges begins on June 3. Hallie Biden, his ex-girlfriend, is set to testify in the case. President Joe Biden recently paid her a visit that raised eyebrows, but the White House is denying allegations that he’s trying to influence the case.

On the eve of Memorial Day, President Biden visited Hallie’s home in Delaware. She was dating Hunter at the time he purchased a firearm and allegedly lied on the background check application. According to federal authorities, Hunter bought a gun in October 2018. On the background check form, he allegedly said he was not a drug user. Later, he wrote a book and admitted that he was using drugs during the same period.

Hallie threw the gun in a public dumpster less than two weeks after Hunter purchased it.

The president arrived at Hallie’s home at about 8 p.m. and spoke to her privately. Reporters reached out about the visit to the White House to find out if the POTUS visited Hallie to talk about the trial she is expected to testify at. Spokesman Andrew Bates said the visit had nothing to do with the case Biden visited to talk about his other son, Beau Biden.

Hallie isn’t just the ex-girlfriend of Hunter, she’s also Beau’s widow. The 46-year-old died on May 30, 2015, from brain cancer. Hallie and Beau got married in 2002 and remained so until his death. They had two children together.

Bates explained that the president “visited her because of the approaching 9th anniversary of Beau’s passing.”

Hunter originally agreed to a plea deal with federal prosecutors. The deal fell apart after the judge refused to approve it. He tried to have the case thrown out but was unsuccessful. He’s also facing charges in another case related to tax crimes.

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