Biden Nominee Could Be Problematic for America

( – Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has launched a one-man crusade against President Joe Biden’s radical picks. The senator has voted “no” on almost every nominee. Most recently he succeeded in delaying the confirmation of Kiran Ahuja, the president’s choice to head the Office of Personnel Management. Ultimately, he failed at stopping it completely but he did issue a warning afterward.

On Tuesday, June 22, Hawley said that he believes Ahuja will usher in a “new era of racial engineering” within the federal government. He explained that he is very concerned that she’s a “disciple of radical critical theorists.” The senator pointed out that she often “promoted” material from Ibram X. Kendi, an advocate for critical race theory. He is worried that she is going to use her new position as a way to “promote radical ideologies to divide rather than unite” the American people.

Hawley has reason to be worried. Last year Ahuja wrote “we must free the nation from the daily trials of white supremacy.” She already believes the US is a white supremacist nation. Could that bias now trickle into her policies as the head human resources official in the US government? Time will tell.

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