Biden Outperformed In Counties Using Dominion Systems, Experts Say

( – Faith in elections is the cornerstone of any functional democracy. With little exception, America’s national elections have happened without any major glitches. The 2000 presidential election was heavily contested at the time, but between election officials and the Supreme Court, faith was restored in the process, and a new president was declared.

However, serious allegations regarding the use of the Dominion Voting System in several states threaten to compromise voter confidence in the 2020 presidential election outcome.

A disturbing analysis by DataScience was released on December 18 detailing an in-depth study of the presidential election showed that Democratic nominee Joe Biden over-performed expected vote ranges by more than 70% in counties using Dominion voting machines.

Additionally, the analysis demonstrated that Biden received a consistent advantage of 5% over President Donald Trump in counties that used Dominion and Hart InterCivic machines and software.

Fortunately, the courts continue reviewing this and other evidence, with the president’s campaign announcing on Sunday, December 20, that it would file a new petition with the Supreme Court contesting the election results. Additionally, former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell had two petitions docketed with the Supreme Court on December 15.

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