Biden Pushes Unity on Americans to Bring Back Freedoms

( – There’s a civil war raging within the Democratic Party. Joe Biden and traditional Democrats sit on one side, pushing their “liberal” vision on the party. And Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other radical leftists are on the other side promoting their “progressive” agenda.

Despite this growing conflict within his own party, Biden gave a speech on March 11 calling on Americans to unite behind his administration’s plan to end to COVID-19 pandemic and restore America to its former greatness.

If Americans can “put trust and faith” in the “government,” the economy can be restored, and children can return to school, he explained — perhaps as soon as the Fourth of July.

Ronald Reagan once warned the nation about government officials showing up and saying they are “here to help.” Roughly 35 years later, Biden steps in front of the cameras for his first primetime address to declare that he is the government (and here to help you) and then demands your help to make things work.

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