Biden Reversal Weakens America’s Global Position

The White House, Washington DC

( – It’s not unusual for an incoming administration to want to put their fingerprints on foreign policy by reversing the previous administration’s positions. However, Joe Biden has taken an unprecedented number of executive actions reversing Trump’s administration policies — and many of them have serious implications regarding America’s global position.

For example, the Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced in a February 8 tweet that the United States would begin reengaging with the controversial United Nations Human Rights Council.

Donald Trump withdrew from the council in 2018 due to its inclusion of nations with long-standing histories of human rights abuses like China, Venezuela and Cuba. He also cited the council’s disproportionate focus on Israel and its failure to address reforms demanded by former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Once again, Biden shows a willingness to put American interests last. His decision to work with the Human Rights Council will likely draw wide-spread criticism from the pro-Israel community and those opposed to autocratic regimes, weakening America’s ability to operate globally.

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