Biden Revokes Trump’s Travel Ban

( – Joe Biden appears to be obsessed with undoing as many accomplishments of the Trump administration as possible his first few weeks as president. He started issuing executive orders, memorandums, and proclamations his first day in office, many of them directed at reversing Donald Trump’s policies.

Executive actions regarding immigration have borne much of the brunt of Biden’s pen his first five weeks in office. On Wednesday, February 24, he signed a proclamation revoking an earlier one signed by Trump in April 2020. Proclamation 1004 barred the entry into the United States of would-be visa holders considered to pose a “risk to the US labor market.”

Biden asserted that the proclamation harmed immigrants selected to receive the opportunity to apply for work visas during the 2020 Diversity Visa Lottery. He also stated that Proclamation 10014 prevented potential immigrants’ abilities to “realize their dreams in the United States.”

Instead of promoting “America First” policies like his predecessor, Biden seems determined to put the rights of would-be immigrants above those of American workers. With a majority of his time in office before him and control of both Congressional chambers, one has to wonder what’s next.

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