Biden Targets Middle America in Sickening Move

( – President Joe Biden released a $2.3-trillion infrastructure plan a couple of months ago and his supporters have been trying to sell it to the American people ever since then. The massive spending bill contains all kinds of Democratic priorities including money for green energy projects, housing and other Leftist projects. Gone are the days where infrastructure meant roads and bridges would be rebuilt.

One thing that he isn’t really talking about enough is what he will do to the suburbs if he gets a chance.

Zoning Provision

In the infrastructure plan there is a provision that aims to put more multifamily units and apartments in neighborhoods zoned for single-family homes. Apartments with fewer than six units could be built next to single-family homes.

According to Liberals, current zoning laws that favor traditional homes are hurting low-income families. They think the laws disproportionately impact black and brown residents, making it harder for them to find affordable housing in nice neighborhoods. Biden would provide tax credits and grants to cities that change their zoning laws to allow apartments to infiltrate suburban neighborhoods.

In April, US Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge said the result of Biden’s plan would be an increase in “housing options for low- and moderate income families.” Opponents of the provision think that it would destroy suburbia and allow crime to spread to family neighborhoods.

Trump Tried To Warn America

During the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump was concerned about something like this happening. During the campaign he even ended a Barack Obama housing rule that would have done something similar (Biden has brought that rule back). After ending it, Trump said that he was protecting the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream” and the people who live in those communities would “no longer have their homes devalued by having low income housing” built in their neighborhoods.

If Biden gets his way, those Americans would be hurt. Their property values will probably decrease and crime might even rise. None of that would be good for the hard-working people who fought to obtain their American Dream.

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