Biden the “Big Unmasker”

Biden the

( – The controversy into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s unjust prosecution keeps getting worse for people connected to former President Barack Obama’s administration. His former vice president isn’t out of the line of fire, either. In fact, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said he’s a main player.

Earlier this week, the National Security Agency (NSA) released a list of all the Obama officials who sought to unmask Flynn’s name in a classified document. Biden was one of those people trying to discover the identity of the unnamed individual in the transcript. Senator Paul spoke to reporters this week and called the former vice president’s moves an “abuse of power” and accused him of using his office to go after a political opponent.

President Donald Trump agrees with Paul. During a May 13 press conference, the president called Biden the “big unmasker.”

Republicans are now calling for Obama officials to appear before Congress and answer questions. Lawmakers want to know how this was able to happen in a country that so values its freedom. The rest of America would like some answers, as well.

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