Biden To Target Gun Owners, Leaves Son Off The Hook

Washington, USA 12 10 2020

( – On June 23, President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a gun crime prevention strategy. The two said that they wanted to make sure that they were protecting communities from violent crimes, acknowledging that the crime rate is rising. During the event, the president and AG issued a warning to people who falsify records. His comments immediately caused a stir because his very own son is accused of doing just that.

Controversial Remarks

Garland, who spoke first, said that the ATF is going to take action against gun dealers who “willfully violate the law” by falsifying records, not performing background checks, and refusing to follow other guidelines.

President Biden repeated what Garland said, telling gun dealers that if they “willfully falsify a record” the federal government is going to find them and “seek [their] license to sell guns.”

Ordinarily, remarks such as those would not cause a stir. After all, law abiding gun owners don’t usually have a problem with non-law-abiding owners getting into trouble for not following the law. Those people make it hard on everyone who owns guns by perpetuating a myth that supporters of the Second Amendment are dangerous. People who willfully break the law should be punished for their behavior. So, what is the federal government going to do about Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden Allegations

It’s ironic that Biden talked about people falsifying records when Republicans have been asking for an investigation into Hunter to see if he did that himself. The allegations against the president’s son stem from a 2018 incident in which Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden and Hunter’s ex girlfriend, allegedly took a gun from him and threw it in a trash can. When she went back to get it later it was gone.

Delaware law enforcement began investigating the incident. During the probe, the Secret Service allegedly got involved; the agency denies that happened.

How is this related to the president’s remarks? Well, according to reports, when the younger Biden filled out the background check sheet for that gun in 2018, the paperwork asked if he was a drug addict. Hunter allegedly chose “no,” even though he has been very open about his past drug use. In fact, he has said he spent much of that year in a crack induced haze.

If Merrick Garland and President Biden are going to crack down on people who lie on those forms, shouldn’t Hunter be on that list? Or is this one of those situations where only conservatives get caught up in the net and liberals get a pass?

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