Biden Treasury Secretary Hopeful Funneled Millions From Big Banks

( – When Donald Trump became president, he promised he was going to drain the swamp. That’s exactly what he did throughout his first term. It seems the Democratic Party wants to fill that swamp right back up if given the chance.

According to a January 1 Associated Press report, Joe Biden’s top pick for Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, made more than $7 million from banks for speaking fees. The potential cabinet pick used her experience running the Federal Reserve to line her pockets, now she is hoping to slide right into a cushy government position.

It’s common for government officials to give speeches for cash after leaving their positions. High profile Democrats like Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as Barack Obama have made millions doing just that. It’s disturbing that Yellen, who would be in charge of US fiscal policy, has such a friendly relationship with banks she could be regulating. If Biden were to become president on January 20 how are the American people supposed to believe she is working for them and not Wall Street?

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