Biden Tries to Blame Gun Sales for Terror Attacks

Biden Tries to Blame Gun Sales for Terror Attacks

( – On January 15, a British national held four people at the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, TX, hostage for more than 10 hours. Fortunately, none of the worshipers lost their lives during the incident. Instead of focusing on the rising anti-Semitism in the country, President Joe Biden used it as an opportunity to push his anti-gun agenda.

The day after the hostage incident, reporters asked the president about gun control. Biden said there have been so many guns sold in America lately “it’s just ridiculous.” He was presumably referring to the nearly 20 million guns sold in the US in 2021, the second-highest year on record. Perhaps the POTUS might have had a point if Malik Faisal Akram, 44, had purchased the weapons he used in the crime legally – but he did not.

Biden acknowledged Akram said he purchased the gun on the streets, admitting law enforcement won’t be able to stop people from buying guns illegally in this manner.

Republicans have long held the Democratic Party’s position on guns doesn’t make sense, because it won’t stop gun crimes in the country. Bad guys, like Akram, will always find a way to purchase firearms on the black market, but the laws will make it harder for Americans to defend themselves. The Texas incident is a perfect example of that.

Biden got it wrong – again.

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