Biden Voters May Switch to Trump After Unique Tax Proposal

( – The 2020 election was incredibly close even though the candidates were separated by millions of popular votes. President Joe Biden won by just 44,000 votes spread across several battleground states. The 2024 rematch between former President Donald Trump and Biden is expected to be just as close. It appears some of the Democrat’s voters might switch their choices this time around.

During a June 9 rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Trump told supporters that he wants to end the taxation of tips. Currently, workers who receive tips are required to report it to the IRS as part of their pay. That money is then taxed like the rest of their income.

Trump told the crowd that he wanted to end that practice, saying it would make people who receive tips “very happy.” The former president went further and said he was “going to do that right away, first thing in office because it’s been a point of contention for years and years and years.” Trump told the crowd that they were doing a great job taking care of other people.

The next day, CBS reporter Olivia Rinaldi reported that she spoke to service workers after the former president’s speech. They voted for Biden in 2020 but they reportedly said they were willing to switch their votes to Trump because of his promise.

According to Rinaldi, approximately half a dozen people told her that they were willing to vote for the former president in November.

The incumbent president’s approval ratings have been in the pits since the summer of 2021 and haven’t been able to pull them out. Trump isn’t just making inroads with service workers, he’s also heavily campaigning to reach black and Latino voters. Biden is losing support with those groups and if the former president can peel enough of them away from him in the fall, it could propel him to victory.

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