Biden Weak on Law and Order During First Presidential Debate

( – Presidential debates provide an opportunity for the party nominees to provide a clear distinction between their visions for America, and last night’s performance proved to be no exception, particularly when it comes to the topic of law and order.

Tellingly, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden couldn’t even bring himself to say the words Law and Order, much less address the issue.

Asked about law and order by debate moderator Chris Wallace, Biden rested his case on a return to “community policing.” According to him, crime goes down when law enforcement officers “get to know the people” living in the communities they serve.

In one of the night’s more remarkable moments, Biden admitted he hadn’t called the governor of Oregon or Portland’s mayor in the wake of months of rioting. “I don’t hold public office anymore,” Biden stunningly explained.

The difference between President Trump’s law and order platform and that of Biden is stark. For instance, “[Biden] is talking about defunding the police,” the president pointed out. “He has no law enforcement support.”

On the other hand, the president supports increased funding and support for law enforcement officials, and as he pointed out during the debate — he has already dispatched US Marshals to assist crime ravaged cities.

If you believe in law and order, the choice between President Trump and Biden couldn’t be any clearer. Effective law enforcement requires funding, not just community spirit.

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