Biden’s About To Reach A New RECORD

Biden's About To Reach 100th Executive Order Landmark -- Here's How Much It's Costing

Biden’s About To Reach 100th Executive Order Landmark — Here’s How Much It’s Costing

( – President Biden might be struggling with many things, but he can still manage to sign executive orders. Since taking office, he’s issued almost a hundred of them — at a staggering cost to American taxpayers. The president’s fondness for ruling by decree could also make inflation worse, according to experts.

In just over 18 months in office, President Biden has issued 99 executive orders, most of them in his first year. The last president to start his term with such a flurry of EOs was Gerald Ford in the 1970s. Now, Biden has signed more than Abraham Lincoln (48), Andrew Johnson (79), Rutherford B Hayes (92) or Chester A Arthur did in their entire presidencies — and he still has 2.5 years to go.

The problem with Biden’s executive orders isn’t the number of them, though; it’s the cost. Matthew Dickerson of the Heritage Foundation says the ones he issued last year cost taxpayers more than $500 billion. In addition, the controversial student loan forgiveness program, could add $1 trillion to the national debt.

Dickerson pointed out that none of this spending has been debated or voted on by Congress; it’s just Biden spending vast amounts of money with the stroke of a pen. He warned the president’s spending “by fiat” could have a significant effect on inflation, and right now, that’s the last thing our economy needs.

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