Biden’s Border Crisis Fuels Unprecedented Fear of a 9/11-Type Attack

( – The 9/11 terrorist attacks left 2,977 people dead. Countless more died in the ensuing years from medical problems stemming from that fateful day. The attacks were carried out by Middle Eastern immigrants. A senator recently expressed concerns that there could be a similar attack because of President Joe Biden’s border crisis.

On December 17, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.” He spoke about the border crisis and called it “a national security nightmare.” He said the president “chose bad policies” and said it “bit them in the [expletive].” Graham vowed lawmakers weren’t “going to continue these stupid policies” and promised to change them.

Graham said jihadist groups have wanted to launch an attack on the United States since the October 7 terrorist attack that killed more than 1,400 people in Israel. He claimed that he has “never been more worried about a 9/11 than” he is now because the US “border has been obliterated.” The senator said a Band-Aid won’t fix the problems.

President Biden recently asked lawmakers for more than $106 billion to fund Ukraine, Israel, and border security. Lawmakers were negotiating a deal before they went on break for the rest of the year. The POTUS criticized the GOP for taking a three-week break while saying there’s a crisis on the border.

Graham claimed the White House only got involved in negotiations with Congress “five days ago.” He said the administration “sent over a supplemental with border security provisions that did nothing to change policy.” The senator said lawmakers have tried to talk to them since September, but they only “sat at the table” five days prior.

Republicans want tougher asylum rules, in the hope that they will deter more migrants from coming to the US illegally. They’ve also suggested expelling migrants once they hit a certain number of illegal border crossings that day. Democrats and the Biden Administration are open to changes, but the exact details are not known.

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