Biden Pleads for Crisis to End in Middle East

Biden's Press Secretary Pleads for Crisis to End in Middle East

( – The conflict between Israel and Palestine has put the world on edge. Hamas, a terrorist organization in Palestine, launched rockets across the border, prompting a response from the Jewish state. When reporters asked the White House about the conflict recently, the press secretary’s response raised some eyebrows.

On Tuesday, May 11, a reporter asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the conflict in the region. She responded, saying Biden is receiving regular updates about it, and he has told his administration to “engage intensively with senior Israeli and Palestinian officials.” She claimed that he supports “de-escalation” and supports Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorist attacks. Then, after saying all the right things, the administration’s true feelings peeked through. The press sec brought up Israel’s “evictions of Palestinian families,” attributing some of the blame for the conflict to that action.

Although Psaki says the Biden administration stands with Israel, she’s repeating some of the same propaganda that’s stirring up negative feelings in the region. If the administration wants to show support for our allies, it should actually do that.

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