Big Victory for Trump-Backed Candidate

Big Victory for Trump-Backed Candidate

( – Former President Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican Party despite his so-called loss to Joe Biden in a highly disputed election. Republican leaders have asked for his help in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections in a clear sign of his dominance among the GOP.

Having Trump’s blessing can make all the difference, as evidenced during a May 1 special election to replace Texas Republican Rep. Ron Wright (R), who died unexpectedly in February. Last week, Trump endorsed Wright’s wife, Susan Wright, telling Texas voters she “will be a terrific Congresswoman.”

Wright thanked Trump for his endorsement, calling it an honor. She also pointed out that she was the only candidate Trump trusted to help in the “fight to Make America Great Again.”

A total of 23 candidates were on the ballot, 11 of them Republicans, and Wright earned enough votes to advance to a runoff election alongside fellow Republican Rep. Jake Ellzey. Election watchers consider the failure of Democrats to get a candidate into the upcoming runoff a rebuke of Biden administration policies.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce went a step further and warned Democrats to “prepare for a SHELLACKING in 2022.”

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