Bill Gates Ties to Jeffrey Epstein Deepen With New Discovery

( – Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced they were divorcing after nearly 30 years of marriage. Since then, a number of very unflattering allegations have emerged about the Microsoft co-founder including that he may have had an affair and he was reportedly very good friends with a convicted pedophile.

According to a bombshell report by left-leaning website, The Daily Beast on May 18, Gates frequently visited now deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in his NYC apartment. The tech CEO was reportedly friends with him from 2011 to sometime in 2013. Unnamed sources who worked with The Gates Foundation claim Gates sought refuge from his “toxic” marriage at Epstein’s home and also say he used his connections to try to get a Nobel Peace Prize.

The sources claim Gates even tried to help Epstein rehabilitate his image. A spokesperson for Gates has denied all of the allegations against him, saying he never pursued a Nobel Peace Prize or spoke to Epstein about his marriage. The tech giant has not responded to the accusations himself.

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