Bill Maher Calls Biden Selfish

( – Liberal HBO host Bill Maher is known for his no-holds-barred political commentary. To the horror of the Democratic Party, he’s not afraid to critique them either, often speaking out against the woke agenda. Recently, he took aim at President Joe Biden. 

On March 7, Mediaite Press Club published an interview with Maher. Host Aidan McLaughlin discussed the comedian’s career, the 2024 race, whether he thinks the president should drop out, and other issues of the day. 

McLaughlin asked Maher about his calls for Biden to drop out and whether he thought it would cost the Democratic Party the election. The HBO host stated he thinks Democrats would win “without a doubt.” Further, he believes the president is “being selfish” by staying in the race. 

Maher has been calling for Biden to drop out of the race for months. He has compared him to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, calling him “Ruth Bader Biden.” The late justice refused to retire when former President Barack Obama was in office. She then died at the end of former President Donald Trump’s term, and he appointed her replacement, giving Conservatives a majority on the court, which led to the reversal of federal abortion protections. 

Maher also told McLaughlin that he believes the right wing is a “bigger threat” to the country. However, he said that Democrats make him want to “punch [them] in the face more.”

Turning his attention to Biden’s opponent, McLaughlin asked Maher what he thinks drives the appeal of former President Donald Trump. He mentioned a recent article that claimed ordinary people have some strange desire to burn everything down, and that’s why they vote for him. Maher disagreed, saying they just want to win, and he doesn’t even believe Trump wants to burn everything down. 

Maher explained that he thinks some people like the former POTUS because he creates drama. Others find it appealing that he was a star. But mostly, it’s because “he doesn’t back down ever.”

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