Bob Woodward’s “Rage” Problem

( – Bob Woodward is facing criticism for his actions against President Donald Trump. In particular, critics are calling into question the timing of the September 9 release of excerpts from interviews he conducted with Trump months ago. Now, he’s defending himself.

Woodward conducted the interviews for his upcoming book on the president, which is scheduled for release on September 15, months ago.

Two of the recordings, dated February 7 and March 19, raised questions regarding Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the president and others questioned Woodward’s reported concerns with Trump calling him out on September 10:

Erik Wemple, of The Washington Post, defended Woodward in a series of tweets based on an interview with him. According to Wemple, it took Woodward “three months” to conduct background research on the president’s remarks.

Asked whether an earlier release of the recordings could have saved lives, Woodward answered, “No! How?” However, those revelations have done little to quell criticism of the veteran journalist or conjecture regarding his intentions.

There’s no way of ever knowing Woodward’s intentions. However, neither the president nor his defenders are likely to let up on him anytime soon.

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