Boeing 747 Catches Fire and Is Forced to Make an Emergency Landing in Miami

( – The Boeing Company has had a number of serious problems with their aircrafts over the last few years. In early January, its entire fleet of 737 Max 9 planes were grounded after a terrifying incident in the sky. Most recently, a pilot had to make an emergency landing after a 747 cargo plane lit on fire in the air over Miami, Florida.

On January 18, Atlas Air Flight 5Y095 took off from Miami International Airport at 10:11 p.m. and headed to Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in Puerto Rico. Shortly after takeoff, an engine failed. Video showed flames shooting from the Boeing jet as it traveled across the sky.

NBC Miami obtained audio of the air traffic control call after the engine failure. The pilot is heard saying, “Mayday, mayday. We have an engine fire.” He then asks air traffic control to allow him to head back to Miami International.” He then says, “No, we’ll go ahead and land. We have five souls onboard.”

The cargo plane landed safely at the airport at 10:30 p.m. and a post-flight inspection found a “softball-sized hole” above the second engine.

Days after the incident in Miami, on January 21, American Airlines Flight AA885, a Boeing 737, took off from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and headed toward Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. The flight diverted to Houston and landed about an hour later.

Reports indicated an oven malfunctioned in the forward galley and caused a fire. The aircraft was eventually declared fire-safe. American Airlines apologized for the inconvenience it caused.

Both incidents occurred a couple of weeks after a door plug fell off of a Boeing jet while it was in midair. The incident left a gaping hole in the aircraft that caused people to lose their belongings. A teenage boy’s shirt was ripped from his body during the incident. The entire fleet was grounded and inspected for other problems.

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