Bomb Drop in Afghanistan Kills 3, Wounds 15

Bomb Drop in Afghanistan Leads to at Least 15 People Dying

( – Islamic extremist violence has been on the rise in Afghanistan since the US pulled its troops out of the country in August. In the last five weeks, there have been four bombings. Now three people are dead after the attack on their house of worship.

On November 12, an Imam was standing at the front of a crowded mosque in the Spin Ghar area of Nangarhar province when a bomb exploded. Extremists reportedly planted the bombs inside of the mosque. In addition to the 3 people who died, 15 others suffered injuries. The Imam was among the victims, but whether he died or suffered injuries was unclear.

A day after the mosque bombing, a car bomb exploded in Dasht-e Barchi, a Kabul suburb. The neighborhood consisted of Shia Hazara families and community members, a group Islamic extremists have been attacking for years. At least one person died, and four received injuries. The Afghan Journalists Center said the person who died was Hamid Seighani, one of its journalists.

As violence continues to rise in the country, the Taliban has done little to stop it. The US offered help to fight the extremists, but the new government has rejected those offers. Instead, it has allowed murder, terror and mayhem in its communities.

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