Bomb Threat Discovery Made at Polling Site

( – Controversy continues to rage regarding the highly contested 2020 general elections. State legislatures are working aggressively to draft new laws to prevent future problems, particularly with the rise in mail-in balloting.

However, state assembly members can’t remove the threat of acts of domestic terrorism. Such was the case in Ankeny, Iowa. Police officers were called to the Lakeside Center regarding the discovery of a suspicious device on Tuesday morning, March 2.

The center was being used as a polling location for a local special election when the suspected pipe bomb was found. Police quickly established a perimeter and officers from the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s office arrived on the scene, along with agents working for the ATF and the FBI. The device was identified as a live pipe bomb and disabled by a technician working for the Fire Marshal’s office.

The Ankeny Police Department launched an investigation into the incident. Anyone with any information regarding the pipe bomb is encouraged to contact local law enforcement, the Iowa Department of Public Safety, or the Kansas City office of the ATF.

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