Border Deaths Expected to Take Alarming Turn This Summer

( – Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have poured across the border since President Joe Biden took office. Many of those immigrants made their way across the desert, through the mountains and across a river to get into the US. Meanwhile, the president’s administration has not yet figured out how to solve the crisis they created. 

Worse, summer is approaching quickly. Temperatures are rising. Experts believe that is going to make the border crisis even more deadly. 

People Are Dying

On Tuesday, June 8, Border Patrol Del Rio Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto that agents have found the bodies of many immigrants that didn’t make it. He explained that migrants cross the Rio Grande River and in some places the water is only as high as their ankles. That makes them think that it is safe to cross but some of them slip, fall and drown. 

Skero told Cavuto that agents have saved roughly “1,300 people from drowning along the border so far this year.” Sadly, the 49 others were not able to be saved and either died from exposure on the trip or drowning. He isn’t the only official who has talked about the deaths along the border recently. 

In early June, Brooks County, Texas sheriff’s deputy Don White told the Washington Post that his department has found the remains of 34 bodies this year on cattle ranches that immigrants sometimes cross. He explained that often the migrants get dehydrated in the 100-degree heat, pass out and die right there. He told the newspaper that he has never seen so many people coming into the country. 

A Change in Routes

According to Border Patrol officials, more immigrants are trying to cross into America using mountain trails that are usually only traveled by drug traffickers. The rough terrain has led to injuries and even deaths as people trip over rocks or fall off of cliffs. 

In 2021, agents have rescued nearly 10,000 people in fiscal year 2021. That’s about twice the number of people who were saved by Border Patrol agents over the previous year. Of course that makes sense since Biden has ended many of the policies that former President Donald Trump had in place to stop the illegal migration into the US. 

If Biden doesn’t get the border under control, there is a potential that hundreds more people could lose their lives, especially with summer on the way. One has to wonder about the strategy of inviting immigrants to come to the US when so many lives are lost in the process. It is well past time for the president to do his job and seal the border.

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