Border Patrol Forced to Step In Amid Protests

Border Patrol Forced to Step In Amid Protests

( – Portland, Oregon is a hotbed for riots right now. On July 4, the city experienced its 38th day of unrest. It’s been so bad that Border Patrol had to respond to help out. Now, the acting chief of the agency wants to know why local leadership isn’t doing its job.

On July 5, during an interview with “Fox & Friends Weekend,” acting Commissioner Mark Morgan asked where the leaders are in the city after his agents responded to a riot. At one point, the officers were arresting “one of the criminals” when the person tried to assault Border Patrol employees. The head of the law enforcement agency went on to say a number of weapons were found during the search of that subject, including a pipe bomb.

Meanwhile, as Portland police and federal agencies deal with the violence, Morgan said local leaders are silent. He wants to know why local leaders aren’t “standing up” and condemning the riots.

The same scenes have been playing out in other parts of the country for more than a month. In Seattle, local officials handed over control of downtown for weeks to agitators. In New York City, the officials are cutting the police budget by $1 billion. It’s insanity. How much longer can this go on? We need leadership, and we need it now.

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