Border Patrol Is Overworked and Overwhelmed

Border Patrol Is Overworked and Overwhelmed

( – Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents have a tough job ensuring the security of the United States by preventing people from crossing into the country without dealing with and documenting those who come through their stations. Couple a duty already ranking near the bottom of the best places to work with criticism from the White House, an unprecedented influx of undocumented aliens, and a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and America could be in serious trouble.

During the current fiscal year, approximately 20,000 agents working the southwest border encountered over 3 times as many migrants attempting to enter the US as in FY 2020. And with hundreds of thousands presenting for processing at points of entry, requiring all hands on deck, there aren’t enough workers to catch those crossing illegally between stations.

When CBP personnel are so overwhelmed they can’t complete their jobs, it affects morale. National Border Patrol Council’s Del Rio chapter president Jon Anfinsen stated that the agents are simply “burned out.”

So, when President Joe Biden mandated the overworked agents must comply by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine by November or lose their jobs, many agents could decide to leave the profession entirely. And if the United States can’t find anyone willing to secure the borders, our country’s safety is on the line.

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