Boston Mayor Slammed for Sending Out a Party Invitation Excluding White Individuals

( – Boston elected Michelle Wu as its first Asian-American mayor in 2021. The Democratic city leader has remained largely under the radar — until now.

On December 12, Denise DosSantos, Wu’s director of City Council relations, sent invitations out to the entire city council. The email said the council members and a guest were invited to attend the Electeds of Color Holiday Party the following day at 5:30 p.m. local time. About 15 minutes after invitations went out, DosSantos sent another email apologizing for the one that went out previously. She said she accidentally sent it out “to everyone by accident” and apologized if it offended some of them.

The city council is made up of 13 people. Seven of them are white, but the other six are not. Those six were invited to the party for minority council members. Frank Baker, an outgoing councilor who is white, told the Boston Herald that the mayor’s decision to exclude the white members was “unfortunate and divisive” but said that he wasn’t offended personally. He went on to say that he didn’t understand Wu’s reason for having different parties divided on racial lines and didn’t think it was a good decision because of the tensions plaguing the council.

Wu defended the invitations to the press. She said the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party” is a longstanding tradition in the city. The mayor said it was her turn to host the event. She said there are private holiday events for “all different sorts of groups […] and look forward to seeing everyone at one of the dozens of other opportunities” they will have to celebrate.

Michael McCormack, a lawyer who served five terms on the council, told the Herald that not all administrations hosted events like that. He said the previous mayors would have invited everyone. The attorney said he hopes the whole thing “was a mistake” because nobody at Wu’s “office should be proud of” what happened.

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