Britain Attempts to Curb Illegal Immigration

Britain Attempts to Curb Illegal Immigration

( – When the US started turning illegal immigrants around at the border during the COVID-19 pandemic, some people in America were outraged. They claimed President Donald Trump was being xenophobic and cruel, all of the usual anti-immigration talking points the Left deploys when it feels threatened. His administration, however, reminded everyone it’s not too bright to allow people to flood our country during an outbreak of a deadly virus.

The US isn’t the only country to try and control its borders. Now, one of our allies is being accused of all sorts of nonsense for limiting illegal immigration to its country too.

Britain Stops the Flow

On August 13, Fox News reported British officials are stopping illegal immigrants who are trying to cross the English Channel in small boats. Authorities chartered a flight and sent 14 migrants back to Germany and France after the Home Office discovered they’d claimed asylum in the past.

A government source told the Times of London that it may seem like those were a drop in the bucket considering the hundreds of illegals who have come from northern France recently. But “it sends a message” to migrants and “people smugglers” that Britain is deporting people.

French Mayor Makes Shocking Allegation

Mayor Natacha Bouchart of Calais, France said Britain is committing an act of “maritime war” by protecting its country. She was upset by the idea of the British Royal Navy mobilizing to protect its country from an invasion.

Bouchart went on to say her city doesn’t want to be “permanent hostages enduring the lectures of British leaders” any longer. On August 11, British Immigration Minister Chris Philp said both France and Britain have “reaffirmed our unshakeable shared commitment” to end the illegal immigration crisis.

At the end of the day, every country has the right to protect its borders. The US is doing it and now European countries have figured out how important it is as well. Maybe Trump started a trend.

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