British Vet Plans Escape by Land From Afghanistan With 400 Refugees

British Vet Plans Escape by Land From Afghanistan With 400 Refugees

( – The Biden administration thoroughly botched the final withdrawal of US citizens and Afghan allies from Afghanistan earlier this week. US service-members departed the war-torn country, presumably for the last time on August 31 at midnight, unfortunately leaving several people stranded there. As it turns out, the United States wasn’t the only country to do so, with a former British soldier fighting to evacuate more than 400 Afghan refugees by land himself.

Former British soldier Ben Slater told reporters he planned to evacuate from Afghanistan by ground with hundreds of Afghan allies, including several staff members. He told reporters he felt “massively let down” by United Kingdom officials who were unable, or perhaps unwilling, to provide the necessary visas for everyone to leave via Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Slater worked for the Royal Military police guarding British ambassadors serving abroad. He said he assisted with the evacuation of dozens of Afghan allies and British citizens. However, things fell apart when he asked government officials to organize the departure for him and his staff.

Frustrated, Slater decided to launch his own rescue operation. He plans to lead about 50 of his staff members and 400 Afghan nationals out of Afghanistan using an unspecified land route. Unfortunately, airports are no longer safe.

Slater isn’t the only veteran to help with evacuations. Former US intelligence officer and Afghan War veteran Sam Rogers recently discussed his efforts to extract a stranded American citizen and about two dozen Afghan children and adults. With any luck, everyone will make it out safely.

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