Buffalo Wild Wings Faces Legal Action Over Chicken

Buffalo Wild Wings Faces Legal Action Over Chicken

(ReliableNews.org) – Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most popular chicken wings restaurants in the country. The franchises are known for their bone-in and boneless wings that come in a variety of sauces and rubs. A man is now suing the company because he believes it is acting deceptively.

On Thursday, March 9, a man named Aimen Halim, who lives in Chicago, filed a class action lawsuit against the restaurant chain. In the lawsuit, the man said he purchased boneless wings from a Buffalo Wild Wings location earlier this year, but instead of receiving wings that had been deboned, the restaurant served him “slices of chicken breast meat deep-fried like wings.”

Hamlin said the boneless wings were more like a nugget, which is not what he ordered. In the lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Chicago, the man said, “Chicken wings are a more premium and desirable product than a product made of chicken breast meat.” Hamlin believes that breast meat is not something customers would pay more money to buy. He went on to say Buffalo Wild Wings would be more “transparent” if they called the wings “boneless chicken” instead.

Buffalo Wild Wings responded to the lawsuit sarcastically on Twitter.

Hamlin claims Buffalo Wild Wings has been on the receiving end of “unjust enrichment” that was based on “unlawful, unfair and fraudulent business practices.”

In February, the Associate Press wrote a lengthy article about boneless wings. The article explains the product rose in popularity when bone-in chicken wing prices increased. The average price for those is $8.38 per pound, while boneless wings are $4.99 per pound. Tom Super, with the National Chicken Council, said that some consumers believe wings with the bone-in have a specific flavor profile.

The AP compared the plight of boneless wings to the same issue surrounding baby carrots and Surimi.

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