Build Back Better May Just Create Chaos in Nation’s Hospitals

Build Back Better May Just Create Chaos in Nation's Hospitals

( – It’s been rough in America’s hospitals since the pandemic began. Doctors, nurses and other staff members are overworked, there have been persistent supply shortages, and now President Joe Biden might create even more problems.

According to a Washington Times report, Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan would cut billions of dollars in Medicaid funding from Republican-led states. The House version of the massive spending bill, being dubbed human infrastructure, would punish the 12 GOP states that did not expand Medicaid when the Affordable Care Act went into effect years ago. The legislation cuts federal funding for hospitals in those states by $3.4 billion and redirects it into a $73.9 billion expansion of former President Barack Obama’s healthcare program.

The program that will lose funding is the one that partially reimburses hospitals for treating the poor and uninsured. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) slammed Democrats over the plan.

Scott pointed out that while Democrats want to cut funding to help the poor, they want to increase the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction which would give the wealthy a huge tax break. The legislation is essentially a $2 trillion plan that will benefit the Left while hurting the Right.

Do you think “Build Back Better” is going to hurt or help the American people?

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