Business Owner Closes For Good As Border Town Is OVERRUN With Illegal Migrants

Border Town Business Owner Gives up as Migrants Overwhelm City

Border Town Business Owner Gives up as Migrants Overwhelm City

( – On September 19, US Customs and Border Protection released its latest operational statistics showing more than 2.1 million migrants crossed the southern border so far in fiscal year 2022. Only 1.3 million of them have been expelled. The flood of people entering the country has overwhelmed communities along the frontier. One business owner recently revealed she was forced to sell her restaurant.

Selena Buentello Price, the former owner of The Wagon Wheel in Eagle Pass, Texas, told Fox News she sold her business this year after it was broken into five times since February. The restaurant has been closed and boarded up since the COVID-19 pandemic’s worst months. She claimed that immigrants often sought shelter in abandoned buildings and hers became one of those places where people gathered.

Price explained the barbeque restaurant had been in her family for 25 years. Prior to 2022, it had only experienced one break-in, but as the town became overwhelmed with migrants, it was burglarized multiple times. Price said no one has ever been arrested for breaking into her business. She said she caught someone inside once, but did not say whether or not they were a migrant.

In addition to the problems with her former business, Price said she no longer feels safe living in a city being “overrun” by migrants and told the news site, “Our security as we know it is gone.”

The businesswoman’s story comes as Republican governors pay to ship migrants out of border towns to cities run by Democrats.

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