Bystanders Record as Woman Suffers Horrific Subway Attack

Woman Attacked on Train As Bystanders Do Nothing

( – Racial tensions remain high in the wake of more than a year of violence and riots. Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members protested in response to George Floyd’s May 2020 murder at the hands of police. Sadly, that violence has expanded to New York City’s public transportation systems, most recently on a moving subway train.

On October 27, Republican Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers posted a viral TikTok video on her Twitter page of a black man assaulting a white woman. As of Monday morning, November 1, the clip received more than 2.9 million views.

Accompanying text in the clip explained the woman told him he needed to “take a chill pill,” and his children repeated it to him. Viewers can hear him asking her to say it to his face. “Tell me to take a chill pill,” he yelled at her.

The woman looked up at him, clearly rattled, and responded, “chill pill.” A split second later, he punches her on the left side of her face, hard enough to turn her head sideways.

Other subway riders immediately responded by shouting at him to calm down. The man standing next to her moved closer to her, holding out his arm to block the angry passenger from approaching again.

Another person criticized him for attacking a woman calling it “OB,” slang for “out bad,” or doing something embarrassing. Undeterred, the man continued yelling at the woman, telling her she needed to mind her own business in the future.

Local media outlets reported New York Police Department officials were asking for assistance identifying the man “in connection to [the] assault.”

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