California Schools In for a Change

California Schools In for a Change

( – Over the last few weeks, rioters have attacked a number of statues in cities across the country. Some Americans want military bases named after Confederate leaders renamed as well. Now, schools that honor former presidents are causing a controversy.

Black Lives Matters (BLM) in California has a problem with two elementary schools named after Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. The organization believes the schools that bear the names of the first and third presidents should be renamed because they owned slaves.

The Berkeley Unified School District Board agreed and the schools will get new names.

When people argue about renaming buildings named after Confederate figures, not everyone agrees even though they may see things from their point of view, simply because it’s part of history. But, buildings that honor George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, two historical figures who are responsible for the creation of this country — absolutely not. Political correctness is being taken too far.

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