Canadian Leaders Unhappy With Biden’s New Energy Policy

( – America’s relationship with Canada thrived during the Trump presidency. The Trump administration replaced the poorly-conceived North American Free Trade Agreement and greenlighted the Keystone XL pipeline project, actions applauded by Canadians.

However, the Biden administration appears to have already begun unraveling goodwill between the two nations within hours of the January 20 inauguration ceremony. One of Joe Biden’s first actions was to revoke a permit allowing the Keystone pipeline to ship oil from Canada to the United States’ Gulf Coast.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blasted the decision, stating that he was “disappointed” that Biden broke his word regarding the Keystone project. Continuing, he said that energy sector workers on both sides of the border had the full support of the Canadian government.

Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney also spoke out, saying he was “deeply disturbed by the decision. Anticipating Biden’s reversal, he threatened legal action earlier this week if the incoming administration moved to kill the project.

With any luck, Biden reverses course and ends his policy against energy sector workers while harming relations with our neighbors to the north.

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